Friday, September 21, 2007

She is dead

Latest news about Nurin, who went missing a month ago.

DNA of the dead girl stuffed in the travel bag matched with Nurin. However the parent denied it is their daughter and believed she still alive! I am sad when I first read the news in local newspaper as well as broadcast. I am all parents out there will have sad feeling as me now. No one wish to see such incident happen to human, especially a 8 years old kid.

News reported that Nurin went to night market that is nearby her house, alone. Listen carefully; she is alone at that time. This is also the best chance for murderer to kidnap her or do anything towards her. My question is why her parent allow her to go out alone, don’t they know society now is no longer safe? *sigh* really not understand some parents mind, if you want to have kids, make sure you give them full protection. YOU have the responsibility. Same as never leave your kids alone with maids. I no trust any maid too!