Friday, September 28, 2007

My simple lunch

During fasting month, our canteen still in operation but fewer dishes will be serving during our lunch time. If I am lazy to go out, I will order food from them. you know, canteen of course will not serve variety dishes for you, after 1- 2 days eating at canteen, I am sure you will try to out source your food. Same apply to me too. But I am lazy bump, still lazy to go out, so I will get the canteen owner to fry something for me, be it noodle or fried rice.

Frankly, their fried noodle and fried rice not bad can compete with outside food stall. Just that a bit salty, so each time I have to remind them: less salt, please!

This is my fried noodle + cool Pepsi! Yummy yummy!