Thursday, September 27, 2007

Kill the virus

Last week is the torture week for me as well as other staff in office coz our networking having problem and we cannot access our database system. Other than that, we also cannot connect with internet throughout the whole week. Mind you, how are we going to work without networking and internet connection? All of us only can do work like filing and cleaning and clearing our office desk. When all these been done, we went to pantry have a cup of coffee and chit chatting most of the time.

By the way, the culprit that cause us cannot work is our computer system been attacked by unknown virus. Our IT guys work for it whereas other staffs like us happily enjoy the happy hour.

Do you like this kind of office life? I bet sure you want to join us. But our nightmare comes after our system back to normal coz we have lots of pending works that waiting for us now. Good thing is, we can now online as usual. Luckily our IT guys are smart enough to install the NOD32 Anti Virus solutions to solve the unknown virus from our networking.