Monday, September 24, 2007

Expensive Chinese Herb

冬蟲草 also known as Cordyceps in English. It is very famous among Chinese coz it is a precious ingredient in Chinese traditional medicines.

In recent news from Hong Kong, reported that the price for this item has increased tremendously, every 1kg of cordyceps, the price is RM10K++. Crazy or not? Will you still buy it with such a crazy price?

Well, Chinese businessmen are tricky. They know too high price, consumers will not buy, and so they look for low and cheap grade and sell to innocent consumers. You know, majority consumers do not know how to differentiate the quality of good and inferior quality for this item, so these people took this advantage to sell low grade item to them. so how to prevent from cheating? My method is buying from reliable Chinese herb shop but also have to beware, coz some middleman will play trick to those shops too! Very sad to see all these ya. Told you already, businessman especially Chinese are tricky. They willing to do anything just for the sake of money.