Saturday, September 15, 2007

I can be a boss too!

Again, I want to rant about my eBay business here. I feel guilty now coz I had totally neglected my eBay business lately. I still have few stocks like kids clothing and hair accessory that well keep in my wardrobe. I should take them out and re-list in my eBay account however I am plain lazy to touch and doing all these stuff.

I think one of the main reasons is due to the profit margin for my previous stuff is not attractive enough. You see, I have to spend time to do the sewing for kids clothing and the return is not high. I cannot charge high coz I noticed once my price is a bit pricy, and then my clothing hardly or even cannot sell out within a period of time. hey, sometimes my selling price is a little bit higher than my cost price only, yet I still unable to get sales. Sigh…see, I got no motivation to sell my own stuff now.

One of my best friends suggest me to sell Sunglasses since the demand for this item is very good. The best is to get Wholesale Replica Sunglasses from CTS Wholesale where we can get vastly lower prices than the real branded ones. Their sunglasses look alike original brand but at cheaper price. Thus we can make the sales easily and allow us to make large profit on our turnover. Hey, CTS Wholesale able to offers Wholesale replica sunglasses for as low as $10 per dozen, a very dirt wholesale price to me. I will consider investing this business since the capital not so high for me too! Alternatively I also can list some of the sunglasses into my Ebay account.

Wish me luck then!