Monday, September 24, 2007

My Embarrassment Moment

There is a tag on this topic lately, I am not sure whether I got kena tagged or not. Never mind I do mine now.

One of the weekends during secondary time, I went shopping mall with some school buddies. During that time, we got no car, so we went with public bus. After having good time of eating, shopping and chit chatting, we want to go home. On the way to bus station, I accidentally fall down, not on the road side but into a longkang (drain) which is so smelly and full with BLACK drain water. My friends pull me out from the drain and walked me to nearest food store to wash off that smelly drain water. My goodness, I am so embarrass at that time, lucky all are female buddy. I am not sure now they still can remember my embarrassment moment or not. By the way, my leg so pain and bruise at that time too!