Sunday, September 16, 2007

Not scare anymore!

Almost every weekend hubby will bring us out for outdoor activity; either spends time in shopping mall or go to beaches or zoo. If not going these places, we will just spend time at my mom house coz my girls will play with neighbor kids too.

This week I plan to stay home to settle some house chore and finish my pending sewing stuff. However hubby plans to meet his friends at Ozana to discuss his project, so I also tag along together with the kids. We did not go to his friend’s house but we go to JJ instead.

As usual the kids will go to WonderLand to play. Hehe…most of the time I will allow them do so coz for RM2.00 each pax, they can happily play there at 20 min. this round I must praise Lyon coz she no cry in WonderLand and she also can mix around with kids as well. It is a big chance for her. I must slowly guide her to mix with other in future.