Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Let's expert do it!

Almost everyday my house will receive lots of brochures that attached together with the newspaper. Frankly I love to view through every brochure coz I am fascinated over the brochure design that are so colorful and creative. Sometimes I even keep some of them for my future reference in case I need to do any brochure designs.

I ever involved in Brochure Printing for my company’s products. Usually we’ll do it if our company has to attend any exhibitions that able to promote our products. Due to my boss wish minimize the cost to do all those printing cost, therefore he is asking us to do brochure printing in house using company printer. Our brochure designs still look presentable but not the printing quality coz our printers are not the good quality printing type. More ever, the cost of printing also very high due to expensive cartridges.

In fact, our Sales Manger had proposed to our boss to seek for brochure printing company’s service to print it out since they can offer Cheap Brochure Printing if we order in bulk quantity. Brochure printing company able to printing few colors printing in one time with minima printing cost, thus we can save some money from it too! Hopefully my boss will accept the new proposal, so that in future we can skip from doing all these tedious printing job.