Monday, September 24, 2007

Elegant Timber Framing

Before my dear father pass away, he is a carpenter and he is very good at using timber wood to build houses. That’s my old house is comprised with timber construction that are solely build up by my late father. Till now, our old house still in good condition and hardly need to repair here and there. By the way, my mom still stays in that house and she reluctant to move out and stay with me too!

Well, people nowadays still accept timber frame construction and you still can see lots of Construction Company offering their services to the community. If you are wish to own a Timber Frame house, you can check out with Vermont Timber. The company focuses on the timber frame and provides design, engineer, fabricate and install beautiful and unique timber frame as well as post & beam frames for residential and commercial projects including homes, hotels, churches, barns and more. Their projects all are custom designed, hand crafted and structurally engineered to meet clients’ needs.

Contact them now if you wish to have an elegant timbering frame for your cozy house.