Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Why they cannot do?

Not only him, she also likes to ask me type letter that draft by my boss. She is the one should prepare it since it is pertaining to her section but I don’t understand why she keep coming to me. Most of the time she will bring a piece of paper to me, telling me that: your boss want this letter, can you help to draft it out? Then she will bla bla bla what is the points that she wish to put in.

While she is talking, I was talking in my mind: come on la, why don’t you just type it out since you know what you want already? Too bad, I cannot comment anything; her position is higher than me.

Worst thing is, when she need to do small changes or amendment, she will come to me too! to me, all these all small matter but when I am not free, I will be very piss off! T*lan lar!