Friday, September 28, 2007

Play baseball with my girls

If you ask me what my favorite game is during school time, my answer is BASEBALL. YES, baseball. Sometimes after school, I love to stay in school and play this game with my school buddy. Hehe…I ever represent my school to join baseball competition for national stage too and we had won few prizes too! Well, though my body size is small but don’t be surprise when you see me running here and there at field catching the baseball!

I still have one pair of baseball gloves which is well kept in my wardrobe. I wish to take it out one day and play with my kids during weekend. However they are still small now, still not the right time to introduce this game to them yet.

When my kids start playing baseball, I got to buy them Kids Baseball Glove and I found a very good place to shop for it, The site offers variety of design for youth Baseball Gloves and it come with various sizes too.

I prefer this yellow color design, 4632TN Right Handed Thrower Youth Baseball Glove Ready to Play Pigskin Series 9" by Franklin Sports. It cost me $24.99 for one pair and I need to buy two pairs since I have 2 girls now. Their gloves designs are using leather construction and able to give protection to kids’ hand, thus it is suitable for kids use. Now I just have to wait my girls grow older a bit, then we can go to field to play this game!

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