Monday, September 24, 2007

My boss is a gambler

One of my bosses loves to go Genting casino to try his luck. If he ever win some money during his trip, then he will secretly tell me and buy me food. However not all the time he’ll wins in his gaming, it really depends whether he has luck or not during the day. From his house to casino need approximately 2 hours drive and sometimes he purposely go during week day in order to avoid traffic jam. See, how crazy my boss is!

I told him why not try to play online casino since going to casino so troublesome, need traveling some more. hehe…this is the first time he ever heard of online casino from me and he thought I am the expert for online gambling! LOL

One of the well known online casino gambling guide is Online Casino Blue Book where we can find lots of online casino websites being listed in the site. I am sure my boss would love to sit in his room and busy searching for his favorite online casino from now and then. As I know his favorite game is blackjack and poker game, and now he can just enjoy online blackjack with his online buddy without the need going to casino any more!