Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Stylish wine racks

My ex-boss is a wine lover. He will brought back vintage wine whenever he goes for oversea business trip. I ever went to his house during last year where he is organizing a Christmas party. I noticed he has a huge collection of vintage wine at home that he collected from all over the world during his business trip. Too bad, he only stores them at a simple Wine Rack that seem does not match to his beautiful house. Since he own a big bungalow, I think he should invest a proper design of wine rack to store his wine collection.

I’ve seen some stylish and elegant design of wine racks and wine holder from The Vine Store, an online wine rack store that has widest selection of wine racks. The store has many unique types of stylish design, ranging from metal wine racks to wood wine racks. It also has hanging wine racks, wall mounted wine rack, vertical vineyard, grapevine hanging wine holder, wine rack furniture and many more. Wow, I wish I can own one Grapevine Hanging Wine Holder at home, it looks so elegant and stylish. Too bad, I am not a wine lover.

If you’re currently looking for some wine racks and holders for your home, do visit I am sure you able to find one rack that match your house design.