Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Finally he reply me.

Many days ago, I submitted a ticket to RM, telling them that I couldn’t find my offer that I grabbed. Also telling them one of my completed tasks couldn’t locate in my account too, I am wondering will they pay me or not. Till yesterday no reply from them, so last night I submitted again. Surprisingly I got their reply by this morning. In their email, they told me my opp still shown in my account, request me to check again.

Immediately I logon to my RM and check it out. Funny, now I can see clearly both are in my campaign list, but not in the latest page. Weird.


huisia said...

you are lucky, i sent my ticket about i couldn't find the "complete" button when i wanted to submit my post, they replied me and said, oh, the campaign close already, that's why you can't submit..really siao.

btw, a tag for you