Friday, September 14, 2007

Proton Persona

Finally I spotted few Persona cars on the road recently. Since last month Proton launched the new model, I did not see any on the road. I thought this will be another screw up project from Proton.

Anyway, I believe I made a wrong assumption this time. Persona is well accepted and proton has received over 10K booking. Not bad, finally Proton learnt the power of customer preference and delivers something what the customers prefer.

Now, let’s see how reliable the car can run on Malaysia road condition. According to proton service technician, Wira and saga still the most reliable car among Proton market. Gen 2 and Waja with Campro engine is the most problematic car and difficult to maintain.

This is the reason why hubby prefers a Wira instead of other newer model.