Monday, September 24, 2007

I still can survive in this company!

Your Job Dissatisfaction Level is 56%
Well, you don't have the worst job in the world, but it's not great. And don't worry, you're not the problem - your company is. Start looking around for another job, even if you're not totally fed up. Because in time, you're going to be dying to quit!

This test showed that my dissatisfation towards my current job is only 56%, which mean I still can survive in this company. In fact, I had been opened one eye and closed one eye in this company. Most of the time I try not to intervene what my colleagues or bosses did, unless they seek help from me. You know, office politic is very common in working life. I am not the type who like to kpc around (though sometimes I am! LOL), if you talk too much, people may not like it, better keep low profile.

Eh, even I got a lot of money, I also keep quiet lar, else many people will stick to you! :P