Sunday, September 16, 2007

Did you read the news?

Today Nanyang’s headline: “政府承认北大清华中文系, 毕业生可任公务员”

This mean, our dear government finally recognized the academic status of the top university. Graduate from the university who lepak around the world are now qualified to apply job in the government agencies. In short, they are now qualified to become a government servant!

To me, this is really a great joke.

Ok, before that, do you hear of 北大 and 清华? I don’t want to talk about the history of the university here; you may check it out yourself through internet. 北大 rank world number 28 in 2006, what about University Malaya hah ???

I am laughing when I read the statement;



The academic qualification of the two universities has not been done for the past 50 years, there are two possibility, either because the academic level of the university are not able to meet the stringent “Malaysia Standard” or non of the peoples sitting in the big office are qualified to assess the academic standard of the universities.

Anyway, even you are the PhD of the university, but you didn’t have a credit in Bahasa Malaysian in your SPM examination, you are equally not qualified getting a job in the complicated government agencies.

If you are the graduate of the university, are you ever think of getting a job in the government agencies?