Saturday, September 29, 2007

Shall I try Ashop ecommerce software?

Did I ever mention here that I wish to own an online store to sell my homemade clothing? If you follow my blog closely, then you will know I had been selling some of my homemade products like kids pants, dresses, tops and many more via online Ebay. However it did not last long as I found the system in Ebay is not user friendly, sometimes I encounter problem in loading my photo images as well as dealing with my customers.

Someone encourages me to look for web based online store that use reliable shopping cart software from Ashop as Ashop Commerce is a leading US provider of hosted shopping cart software. The best of all is it has thousand of easy to use features and fully customizable design. No installation is required and we can just start configuring the design, inventory, payment and more that suited your business needs.

Ok, let me try out their 10 day free trial first before selecting it as my shopping cart software!