Sunday, September 30, 2007

Out to Pasar Malam again

There is a Pasar Malam (night market) every Saturday night that not far from my housing area. I love to go there to look for fresh vegetables and sea food coz I will cook during Sunday most of the time. After seeing so many kids kidnapped case, I hardly bring my girls along now. I don’t want this happen to me.

In Pasar Malam, I can see few handicap people begging for money. I feel pity to them and usually I’ll give them little bit of money. However I will not give if he is not handicap, to me, he still can work, why he is here to ask for money? Perhaps you will tell maybe he is having health problem that cause him cannot work. Hard to judge by his outlook, as long as he has two hands, two legs, then he should able to work, probably he can work those light weight work.

I’ll feel uneasy each time I saw those handicap people are there to beg for money. Why? Why? Why? Why no one send them to government community center to learn skill and earn a living? Where are their family members then? Too many questions in my mind, I better stop thinking about them and enjoy my shopping at Pasar Malam.