Saturday, September 29, 2007

Lovely costumes for my girls

My 2 girls hear too much of Cinderella story from me during bed time, until they want me to organize a fancy dresses party for them. Wien even suggested having this kind of party for Lyon’s coming birthday which is fall on November. They must be fascinated over the pretty and fancy dresses that wear by those characters in Cinderella. Hahaha…

Tell you, not only they like this kind of party, I would welcome it too. My only concern is where shall I get or buy those creative yet unique costumes? Even I can sew but I don’t think my design will be as creative as those advertised in internet. I think I better do more searching in internet now, hopefully I can find one online store that able to offer great deals for the fancy costumes.

While browsing through the internet, I chanced upon Moon Costumes, an online store that specialized in Halloween costumes, cosplay, Halloween props, magic and clown supplies, wigs, masks, decorations and more. Their kids costumes have lots of selection, including animal costumes, fairies costumes, Disney costumes, witches and monsters and many more. All of them look so lovely to me, and the prices offer are affordable to me too! Ok, I had decided to spare some money to get those lovely kids costumes for my girls and let them have a memorable party in coming November.

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