Sunday, September 23, 2007

Quality Books

There is a public library near my area. I love to bring the girls to hang out there during weekend coz there are lots of interesting kids story books and craft books. I had registered a library card for Wien for RM5, valid till she is 12 years old. Each time we can borrow 2 books per card for 2 weeks duration. By the way, the library also has lots of books that suitable for women, such as baby magazines, women magazines, recipe books and sewing books ( my most favorite books!). hehe….now you know why I love to go this library every weekend.

Oh ya, I found 3D book for kids too. I never dare to buy such books for my girls coz too pricey for me, not that I am not afford but just feel that why should I pay so much to own the book? I know those books are imported, so the high price is due to taxes. Our government should set in low if they wish to see their people have interest in book reading.