Wednesday, September 19, 2007

More profit from selling sunglasses

I ever blog about my good online buddy, Eric no longer work as an employee now. In fact, he is a boss now though he is only a small shareholder. To me, it is good enough, at least when you become a boss, your working hour is flexible and you can delegate your work to your subordinate if you are not free. Cool, right?

However he has his concern too. He worry the business might not good and cannot cover the daily expenses. Also his shop is getting competition from other mini market that situated nearby. He cannot set high price coz customers might go to other shops they found out they can get better price in other shops.

I suggest to him to sell replica Sunglasses in his shop since CTS Wholesale Sunglasses is offering cheap prices for stylish and trendy sunglasses. More ever, adding more items into his item list will be attracting more sales too. Well, he said will give it a try and will check out from CTS website soon!