Sunday, September 16, 2007

Colloidal silver can cure back pain?

I need help!

I had been suffered from backache for few days. I try to lying down and rest more but the pain still no go away from me. In fact, I ever suffer this back pain few months ago, until I cannot stand and took some medicine from my family doctor to cure it. I do not want to rely on medicine to cure the pain and try to adjust my sleeping position too. However it seems I still getting backache easily.

One of my colleagues suggest colloidal silver as health supplement to me as she ever tried this product and found out it is very good to build up our immune system. But I told her that colloidal silver did not help to cure or prevent backache at all, why should I consume it? She mentioned that perhaps this product will indirectly strengthened our body, thus make us healthier than before and I will not get backache easily.

Frankly I am not so sure how true it is, but I was thinking no harm to give it a try. If colloidal silver did not cure or prevent my backache, but at least it can boost up my immune system!