Friday, September 28, 2007

Find the best credit card for yourself

Tell me how many credit cards you have in your wallet now? 1? 2 or 3? Don’t be surprise if you see some people own more than 2 cards in their wallet now coz credit cards are the basic item for our life now. Almost every business transaction will accept credit card as a mode of payment now.

However you have to be careful when you do the applications for any credit card. You have to ensure your card have the basic features like low interest rate, 0% purchase and 0% of balance transfer. Other than that, some credit cards do have the features like cash reward or point redemption program, do check out first before send in your application.

One of the well known banks that offer various types of credit card in UK is The Co-operative Bank. Example of the credit cards offers by them are clear credit card, advantage cards, flat rate platinum, travel credit card, holiday discounts cards and many more. There are lots of credit cards promotions going on in The Co-operative Bank, do hop over to the site now and find more information about it!