Thursday, September 20, 2007

Save your time via internet fax

Each time my boss goes for business trip; I will be the busiest person in office. He’ll constantly call me from oversea to check for his fax, either relates to company or his personal faxes. I feel tire coz I need to walk to upstairs to check for him as our fax machine located at second floor of the building. At time he’ll requests me to fax some documents on his behalf. This is ok as long as the fax line is smooth and will not jammed half way while I do the faxing.

I was thinking to suggest internet based fax service to my boss. So that he can send and receive his fax documents easily from anywhere as long as his notebook is connected to internet. Alternatively he can authorize this job to me as well, then I can check for him while he is away for business trip.

The Internet fax services very simple to use and you can receive your faxes via email over the internet without the need to wait at fax machine all the time. More ever the setup is easy too as no further hardware or software is required. All fax communications are easily backed up and stored for future reference.

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