Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Our factory hires lots of foreign workers, from different countries too, such as Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar, and India. Frankly I am bias against foreign worker and I will keep a distance from them ALL the time. You see, lots of crime and criminal cases had been done by them, I have no confident to be friend with them.

Ok, back to the factory workers issue. When come to advance pay or pay day, our HR will issue cash to them (I am not sure why our HR still issue cash to them, we also have bank account service for them) and they will go to one of the meeting room to collect their money. Usually they will come in big group by 5pm, after working hour. Wow, at that time, we can smell a very strong smell all over office floor. It is their sweat and body smell!! If you cannot stand, you will vomit I tell you. I will not go to toilet at that time too, coz we need to pass by that meeting room before reach our washroom.

If anyone of us wants to go toilet, then have to be patient. In fact we had told the HR why not meets them at production meeting room instead of coming to office. But that fellow refuse to listen to us, let us suffer. 