Thursday, September 20, 2007

Never block the way!

I hate to see inconsiderate people park their car and block our way. They want the convenience, refuse to walk more distance and wait in the car while waiting for the seller to pass them the food or stuff. This kind of scene you can see everywhere in our country, it could be any races too!

For instance, this morning I encountered one incident too. The aunty sit in her car, lower down her window, and told the vegetable seller to pack some vegetable for her. She stopped her car in the middle of the road and my car was behind her car. the seller saw me ( she is my neighbour) and waive to me asking me to wait for a while. I am ok coz I was thinking it wouldn’t take long time. But I was wrong, after the seller passed her one plastic bag, I saw the car owner point to another type of vegetable, I think she wants to buy more. Then the seller went back to her car and pack for her again. *sigh* see, this kind of people also got! Hey, my car is behind your car ler, why not you park properly and go down to buy your vegetable? I so tempted to press my honk but I no do that coz my neighbour is the vegetable seller; I respect her, but not her customer.

I curse the aunty like hell in my heart! LOL