Friday, August 17, 2007

Monitor your website for free

If you are having an ecommerce website to advertiser your products and services, I am sure you’ll wish your website is up and available for your customer all the time in internet. It is important to monitor your website or server 24/7, so the you will not miss or loss any online sales if your website is down.

If you have no time to monitor all these by yourself, you can actually look for the service of website monitoring system to assist you. LogicReach provides free web site monitoring system that able to help you monitor your website 24 hours, thus your customers and visitors able to reach you without any constraints. By subscribing the free website monitoring system with LogicReach, in the event your site is running very slow or down, they’ll send you an email or sms text message immediately to notify you.

Check out the demo features in LogicReach now, to see what they offer you in their system. Go sign up for free account too, if you wish someone to assist in monitoring your website!