Thursday, August 16, 2007

Shopping @ London

If you have lot of money and had been settled all your debt, will you go shopping as and when you like? Frankly, I will do that. Not that I like to spend money like water, but once a while we should pamper ourself after working so hard in our life. Am I right?

By the way, I am not only will shop locally, I will also shop abroad. I was told London is the best place to go shopping during Mega Sales beside Hong Kong. But we have use Pound Sterling as currency, which is a quite high expense to me. Never mind, since I mention will only go abroad for shopping if I have extra money.

Well, when you shop in London, of course you need to stay in London Hotel or other hotels for overnight. Other wise how are you going to shop the over 30,000 shops in London? If you couldn’t find hotel in London, you can look for Manchester Hotel or Birmingham Hotel too. Since both places also have many street markets for you to shop!

Oh ya, don’t forget to look for cheap hotel in London before you make your shopping trip!