Wednesday, September 12, 2007

ASW 2020 on sale again

Coming 12/09/2007, ASW 2020 (Amanah Saham Wawasan) going to release some trust. In case you never heard about it, better search more information about it. I had invested in this trust 10 years ago. However during that time, I just started working, not much cash I have, so I only invested RM300 into it. After that I got no chance to buy or top up any value and you have to wait for someone sell it then only able to buy from them.

Since the return is not bad, I welcome it and plan to top up anytime if I have the chance. But I had missed the chance each year coz seldom read newspaper. When I saw the newspaper advertised about it , it already over.

Monday, hubby read from newspaper, telling me that coming 12/09 is the date for the release of ASW 2020 trust. Too bad, I cannot apply leave to run the errand as I have an important meeting to attend. I had withdraw some cash and pass to FIL, hopefully he able to grab some for me! :)


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