Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Cheap web hosting packages

Due to the broad usage of World Wide Web, most businesses will go for internet marketing to promote their products and services. My existing company is also using internet marketing to look for new business opportunity. We have our own website that is using the web hosting to support and maintain the networking.

There are many companies that offer web hosting and one of them is Top Hosting Center. THC provides cheap web hosting which starts from as low as USD3.95 per month. This is quite a reasonable price for those storage usages which is less than 1GB, such as blog for personal usage.

As for companies, usually they require higher storage with huge bandwidth in order to cater for heavy traffic. Thus they will need storage up to 100GB bandwidth plus unlimited mailboxes, domains and databases. Hey, for 100GB only cost USD13.95 per month, this is pretty cheap and worth to invest.

Besides looking for cheap web hosting, most companies prefer to use reliable web hosting companies that able to provide the services needed for their websites. Another point to look into is the friendly customer service that able to provide prompt service and quick respond whenever the server is down.

Do check out THC if you’re planning of finding a good web host for your domain. You also can consider other services provided by THC that listed in the web.