Monday, September 10, 2007

Going KL?

Hubby plans to go KL this coming 13/09/07. His office is close due to first day of Ramadan Month, our fellow Muslim feasting month. My company never declare this date as public holiday so far. Thus he ask me to apply leave and go with him.

I am tempted to go actually, however when I think of leave the kids at home with MIL, then I feel guilty. Now I am in dilemma, whether go or not. Some of you might think, since you do not do this often, why not just go ahead. Well, that's me, whenever it is holiday , I am sure will bring along the kids to anywhere. I hardly leave them at home with old folks. Too bad, hubby doesn't want the kids to tag along, he only wants to bring me out alone. *sigh* He even created white lie for me ask. We are so bad hor.


amother said...

wow...ur hubby mahu second honeymoon again? good for you and him.