Tuesday, September 04, 2007

How to deal with hair loss

I noticed women tend to have hair loss problem than male, perhaps it is due to different in hormone in our body. My hair loss problem getting severe during pregnancy, sometimes I am scare to comb my hair coz each time after hair washing or combing hair, I can see lots of my hair lying around the floor. I wonder will one day I will become bald women or not! LOL

I came across a blog mainly posted about Womens Hair Loss lately. It is belong to a women who been experienced and dealing with very bad hair loss problem for over 8 years and she not even 30 yet. Her purpose on posting The Women's Hair Loss Project is to share her stories and lives with other who also experience hair loss problem. Personally I love to use Pantene to reduce my hair loss problem. In this blog, she did mention about Pantene new campaign called Pantene Beautiful Lengths. The video for the campaign is so touching. Hop over her blog to watch the video!

Check out her blog for more information, hopefully you will gain some useful knowledge via her stories.