Sunday, September 02, 2007

Natural Antibiotic

One of my friends very prone to flu and running nose and I noticed in a month she will get sick at least once. She told me she had tried many types of medicine, be it Chinese medicine or western medicine but still no cure.

I ever suggested to her to try out herbal types of supplement products that rich with natural vitamin but she seem not very interested into it. Sometimes I feel like want to scold her to try it coz I really cannot stand she keep having running nose in front of me.

Lately I was told colloidal silver is a natural type of antibiotic, and it able to prevent flu and running nose. I quickly share this peace of news with my friend. She said seem colloidal silver ‘s main ingredient are natural type, so she might try it. I am glad she finally accept my advise to try it, hopefully by next month she will come back to me telling me she is free from flu and running nose!