Saturday, September 08, 2007

Never give in next time

Miche wrote about cockroach in food while her colleague dining in Taipan Restaurant. Her nice colleague being too nice and did not ask for compensation or other. I tell you, if this happen to me, I am sure I will take the advantage to threaten the restaurant, I will not compromise this kind of unhygienic cases, especially come to food concern.

See, if you never frightened or threatened them like report to authority concern, I am sure they will not take action to monitor their kitchen hygiene. They will think all customers are blind and happily eat in their restaurant.

One time, I spotted chicken feather in my KFC meal, quickly call the waitress and ask them to see. They immediately say sorry to me and quickly change a new set for me without asking further. Some of you might think, it is common to find chic feather in the meat but if the restaurant is care about their image, they will react fast.

Hehe..after that not only new set I got, I also got complimentary drinks. But I have no mood to dine anymore. I should ask for more KFC voucher hor!


Michelle said...

hubby say no point complaining coz for Chinese, as long as the food very delicious, they will sure come again.

See lar, makan tepi longkang pun sanggup! hehe