Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tag : One Word/Sentence

Sorry, I couldn't recall who tag me on this meme. Let me know if u are the one!

Where is your cell phone? In my drawer

Relationship? Married with 2 kids

Your hair? Long

Work? Secretary cum part time blogger

Your sister? 2 sisters

Your favorite thing? My pc

Your dream last night? No dream

Your favorite drink? Nescafe

Your dream car? None, as long as it can move

The room you’re in? Living Room

Your shoes? In my car and my house

Your fears? Losing my hubby

What do you want to be in 10 years? Retired and travel anytime when I want to.

Who did you hang out with this weekend? My family

What are you not good at? English

Muffin? Muffin with raisin

One of your wish list items? Travel around the world

Where you grew up? Melaka

Last thing you did? Blogging

What are you wearing? T shirt & jean skirt

What aren’t you wearing? Jewelry

Your pet? No pet, my kids count or not?

Your computer? Compad

Your life? Good

Your mood?Good

Missing? Freedom

What are you thinking about right now? want to buy Wawasan 2020 tomorrow.

Your car? Wira, new car ler

Your kitchen? Wish to renovate it when got extra $$

Your summer? Everyday

Your favorite color? Apple green

Last time you laughed? chatting with blogger

Last time you cried? Watch sad movie few months ago

School? School memory still very fresh in my mind

Love? Love my hubby forever!