Tuesday, September 04, 2007

What is your career life?

Receive a sms from one of my ex-classmate. He say he loss direction on his career path. I didn't reply him since I don't really understand what he meant. I know he is quite unhappy with his job recently. Mainly due to heavy work load, and his capability limitation.

Career, according to Oxford English Dictionary defined as an individual's "course or progress through life". It usually is considered to pertain to remunerative work.

People today likes to measure individual's career path by the salary he is earning or the position hold in the corporate ladder. The more you earn, the more expensive car you drive, the higher position you hold, the more respect you will gain.

Because of that, peoples today are rushing to climb up corporate ladder with what ever tactics they can. Most of them end up forget about their personal life or family time. I also behave in this manner once upon a time, but my attitude changed after seeing so many top managers end up losing their personal life due of too much focus on career advancement.

What is the point to earn high salary if you have to work like a machine day and night for the company? You may own the money but you don't have the time to enjoy the luxury.

My career growth rather slow for the past 10 years, may be due to my unusual attitude. Anyway, doesn't matter, I m happy with my current situation.


snoopy said...

Named it unusual or say that is not committed to work...I always feels that family come first in life...be it small case or big case...So, you are not alone!