Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Confirm going to KL

Yeah, I had applied annual leave today, and confirmed will go to KL by 13/09, together with hubby. Hehe...we have think of one white lie to tell the old folk actually.

The reason hubby wants to go KL is to meet his friend in KLCC. His friend has a training firm in KLCC and he wish to organize a training for 6sigma courses. Hubby is holding black belt level for 6sigma, thus he is eligible to conduct training for level below him. In fact, hubby feel proud for getting his black belt in short period. Not many in 6sigma group in Asia in black belt now, he is one of the lucky one.

Hopefully the training discussion will bring him extra income, then we can retire before 45! :) But the disadvantage is the training will be held during weekend which mean will be less outing for us too! :(