Saturday, September 01, 2007

Diesel - the alternate fuel

I snap the bill board from a petrol station near Sungai Besi toll quite sometime ago, the number publish may be changed due to fluctuation of crude oil price.

The main objective of the bill board set up is to let public aware the amount of fuel subsidies our government paid for every liter of fuel sold. Another reason is to convey the massage the government has to adjust the retail price if crude oil price continue moving up.

Obviously, among the three, diesel is the cheapest fuel for consumer and government. Unfortunately, it is not well accepted by general Malaysia consumer due to wrong perception of environmental impact and lack of government incentive.

Diesel has become an alternative fuel in US and many Europe countries due to rising fuel price. But this is not happen in Malaysia. I don’t why.

Government will give the standard reason every time they decided to revise the fuel price. The reason given always, “The burden of fuel subsidies is too high, government no longer afford to pay for it, they have to transfer the cost to the public”

With the bill board, everybody aware diesel can be alternative to replace more expensive fuel, I believe the MPs who sitting in the big office and making a lot of noise should aware this. But how come no one come out something to promote diesel, whereas, the government impose high road tax to discourage people from using the cheaper fuel.

I ever feedback this to BN as well as opposition parties, but no one bother to bring up this topic.


Can anybody explain?


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