Saturday, September 01, 2007

Quality Building

My boss and the Board of Director proposed to do factory expansion at existing factory lot. Previously our raw material mixing was done by the sister company which located in another state, however the board of director mentioned that if we do in house mixing, then we can save certain cost in this field. If we need to do in house mixing, then we will need a space specially cater for this process. So my boss suggested using existing car park and building another factory there.

After the decision is confirm, my boss start sending out tender, hopefully can get a reliable contractor who can provide reasonable quotation and also able to finish the construction in 5 weeks time. I was telling my boss since we need to build a Metal Buildings for the factory, perhaps we can consider the services provided by ACE Metal Buildings. The company sells commercial and residential Metal Buildings and components with the best selection of highest quality at the lowest prices.

ACE Metal Buildings provides life time warranty for their products and their frames and building is unique as compare to other manufacturer. My boss is very concern about products quality, I am sure he will prefer to use metal buildings from ACE.