Thursday, September 06, 2007

My boss away again

This morning reach office saw a piece of note left on my table. It was written by my boss, telling me that he is away from office for 2 days. Yippie! A very good news to me, meaning that I can go snaking around whenever I am free later…hehehe….

I noticed this boss seldom stay in office lately. I am not sure where he is going most of time, sometimes he did tell me where he go, but sometimes he really didn’t say anything to me. When other staff asked me, I just say: don’t know. They they replied me: how come you are the secretary yet you don’t know where’s your boss going?

Guess what is my respond upon hearing their stupid question?

Wei, if he no says to me then how I know wor? If you wish to know, I can call him now and find out. (Then I take up my phone and pretend want to call my boss). Hehe…most of time, they will say: aiyah, no need call la, he no came, we more free…then they quickly run away from me….LOL