Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Play Backgammon

I am bored now! Help!

I had finished all my pending task in office and feel a bit relief now. However I do feel bore whenever I am too free in office. Weird me, right? So, I am sure you will ask what will I do if nothing office work now? hehe….I will surf the internet the whole day while waiting for knock off time. If my boss knows I surf internet instead of doing office job, I am sure he will yell to me loudly! But this is not my fault mah! I am efficient enough to finish my job online, so now should be my ME time! Yeah…!!

I love to browse through websites like recipes to look for great dishes or dessert, so that I can cook during weekend. Alternatively I also love to download education websites for my kids. Other than that, I will also search for interesting online games and play online too. Lately I am addicted to online backgammon where I can play online with other backgammon members. It is really an existing online game and I learn through the live demo which can be found in the web.

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