Thursday, September 06, 2007

Help him settle his debt

I am the secretary in the company, and one of my duties in my job scope is open all the corresponding letter for the company, except personal letter for staff. So usually when I saw the letter is come from bank or personal address, I will hand over to the staff concern and NEVER open it. I know this is P & C letter to them. Well, most of the time I noticed my Operation Manager will received at least 3-4 account statement from different bank within a month. He ever told me that he owned 3-4 credit cards in his wallet. Wow, I am surprise! Why he need so many credit cards? I don’t see the necessary to own so many cards in one go!

He also told me that he used lots of money during his new house renovation and most of the items and construction services, so he use credit card to swipe first instead of paying cash. End up he is full of debt and having trouble to manage his debt now.

I suggest to him why not he seek for Credit Card Consolidation since it is one of the most common debt relief options for people in need. At first he doesn’t know the meaning of Credit Card Consolidation, after I show him some useful websites, then he slowly can accept my suggestion.

It is a program whereby you have to close all of your credit card accounts, and combine them into one account via credit counseling company. Later you only need to make single payment to the company which in return will disperse the payment to each creditor. Therefore less headache for you to manage and monitor your credit card account, they will do the rest for you. Credit counseling company will negotiate the lowest rates for you, thus will help you out of debt in short period.